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Guanhua Language Center (冠华语文中心), registered with MOE, providing quality Chinese enrichment programs for K1 to Secondary students. We aim to cultivate students’ interest and to build up their confidence in learning Chinese by providing assistance according to student needs. Following the MOE syllabus, we provide an immersive experience for students Chinese learning to create a distinct Chinese cultural ecosphere ,because we believe a systematic and challenging curriculum for teaching Chinese language is very important. Follow our dedicated and passionate teacher , take a new Chinese learning journey.

Our Vision

Guanhua Language Centre encourages emotional and intellectual vitality in learning Chinese language ,Creates happy learning and happy life.

Our Mission

Guanhua Language Centre is committed to providing an outstanding learning experience with an inspiring perspective.

Our Purpose

Cultivate Chinese interests ,confidence, creative thinking by Edutainment , learning language as same time learning love themselves, Love family and Love society,


好语文 好口才 好成绩 好人生 爱自己 爱家人 爱社会

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Our Courses

Pre-School Programmes

The courses are 1.5 hours per lesson.

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Primary School Programmes

Enrichment Courses for P1 to P6. We emphasize on building solid foundation of Chinese language through a variety of meanings of learning and practice involved in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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Guanhua Creative Ladder Composition

  • STEP 1: Basic
  • STEP 2: Intermediate
  • STEP 3: Advanced
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Holiday Programmes and work shop

. June Holiday - 10 days AND December Holiday - 15 days. In these Holiday Enrichment Programmes, students will obtain a richer grounding in Chinese language.

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Class Schedule

week 1 (2 April-8 April) week 2 (9 April-15 April) week 3 (16 April-22 April) week 4 (23 April-29 April)
week 1 (30 April-6 May) week 2 (7 May-13 May) week 3 (14 May-20 May) week 4 (21 May-27 May)
SA1 词汇、阅读、口试、作文全面复习、备考 下学期课程预习
week 1 (28 May-3 June) week 2 (4 June-10 June) week3 (11 June-17 June) week 4 (18 June-24 June)
假期集训课程 假期休息
week 5 (25 June-1 July)

2018 Next Semester New Course


Rapid Independent Reading


Picture Book Reading


PSLE exam,Must win


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